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SPOTLIGHT- Elementary Schools

Cleveland Elementary School
Hear a welcome message from the principal and read this week's Gazette online. Tour the campus and visit the classrooms at Cleveland's home page, where you can also meet the staff and get updates on school projects here.

Foothill School
You will find lots of grade-level resources and links for teachers, families and kids at Foothill's home page, where you can meet the staff and get the latest school news.

Harding School
Check out their Internet resources and interesting links for parents, students and teachers.

Hollister School
See the school and Web projects at Hollister's home page, where you will find lots of helpful grade level Internet links and teacher resources.

Isla Vista School
read the Vista Voice to get caught up on the latest school happenings. Access their Web use policy and educational links here.

Monte Vista Elementary
Education Offices

Mountain View School
Find school information and great educational links for parents, students and teachers at their home page, where you will also find school photos, schedules and calendar updates.

Santa Barbara Charter School
This K-8 school is a collaborative effort between teachers and parents. Learn about their curriculum, which is founded on the principle of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and get school news here.

Washington School
Find general school information and PTA news at Washington's home page, where you can visit some of the classrooms to see what the Wildcats are learning or e-mail the teachers.

Vieja Valley School
discover how Vieja won recognition as a California Distinguished School. Teachers and students are getting fired up about our website.



National Education Association
National Education Association Web site.

US Department of Education
United States Department of Education Web site.


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